The Hendrix Hall

Hendrix Hall is huge. What else do you expect for something that bears Jimi’s name? The room is 29.5’ x 56’ – 1,652 square feet! Ace Frehley recently locked it out to rehearse for the “Space Invaders Tour,” and it’s home to the San Diego City Ballet Orchestra. Did we mention it’s equipped with the mixer from the historic 4th & B music venue?

The Hall is also great for hosting events and shows (get in touch on 619.255.9594 for more information about events!).

Click on any open time-slot below to book a rehearsal in our Hendrix Hall!

Pricing: $40/ hour for hourly rehearsals.

Please note: If you have extra requirements (extra mics/ anything mic’ed up/
DI boxes/ additional instruments etc) - let us know beforehand! There will be a member of staff to show you where everything is but if you need more help
than 15 minutes, we have to charge you a sound engineer fee.